Sea Dragon

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance for the Maritime Domain at a disruptively affordable cost

What is Sea Dragon?

Sea Dragon is a modular and platform agnostic sensor payload. It can be operated as a manned or unmanned aerial surveillance system, and is capable of wide-area, day-night operations. Beyond technical performance, the system produces evidentiary geolocation of illegal activity, allows for easy integration with marine law enforcement, and has a small operational footprint. This makes Sea Dragon an ideal partner for supporting law enforcement and integrating with existing enforcement infrastructure.

Our mission is to produce disruptively affordable capabilities that support coalition building and enable law enforcement to better protect their nation's oceans.

Sea Dragon is developed by Technology Service Corporation, in partnership with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and U.S. Pacific Command. It is an internationally demonstrated system that has been deployed in the West Pacific, including the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau.

U.S. Pacific Command

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Republic Of Palau

Federated States of Micronesia

Technology & System

World-class engineering for reliable performance under rigorous conditions

Radar Detection


The system consists of a modified COTS imaging synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for target detection over 80 nautical mile wide surveillance areas at 1-10 meter resolution. It is also equipped with an EO/IR multispectral imaging system mounted on a gyro-stabilized turret.

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Mission Planning

Mission Planning

Sea Dragon's proprietary fusion software integrates radar detection visuals with fused maritime data sources into a single, real-time, operating picture. The mission planning software aids in planning, analysis, and visualization of massive data sets to expose targets and activity of interest.



Real-time communication to anywhere on the planet with interoperability across law enforcement radio channels. Sea Dragon is fitted with HF and VHF radios, INMARSAT data link, and an L-3 Bandit LOS data link.

Synthetic Aperture Radar

High performance radar for high-altitude, wide-area search & detection

  • 80 nautical mile search range
  • Selective resolution processing from 1-10 meter detections
  • Range Doppler SAR processing for low-latency performance
  • Cell average algorithm for automatic target detection to reduce operator fatigue
  • Onboard GPU processing for 1.5 TFLOPS of double precision computing power
SAR Image

EO/IR Multispectral Camera

Camera for vessel identification & documentation of prosecutable evidence

  • Simultaneously detects targets with both IR and EO sensors
  • Redundant GPS logging and documentation
  • Mounted in a gyro-stabilized turret designed for long range optics
  • Automatic video tracking and capture
  • Mil-spec environmental performance
Vessel Interception Sea Dragon Interception: Unidentified Taiwanese Vessel (Lat: 7.01231N, Long: 42.2313)


In addition to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaisance applications, Sea Dragon has proven results supporting the following missions:

IUU Fishing Enforcement

Fishing Enforcement

Detect, intercept, and document illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

FAD Detection

Fish Aggregation Device

Locate and validate the legality of Fish Aggregation Devices

Dark Vessel Identification

Dark Vessel ID

Discover, document, and identify unreported vessels and their activity.

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Technology Service Corporation

Fifty Years of Innovation

Founded in 1966, TSC is a high technology company that provides engineering services and specialized products to the U.S. Government and industry. We hire world-class engineers to solve our customer's most challenging problems. Our specialized products include electronic components for microwave and digital processing systems; radar and remote sensing modules; specialized software engineering, and software for radar siting, and sensor simulations.

TSC also specializes in imagery analysis and building practical software solutions that automatically detect and track moving objects. These solutions are actively used in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); enhancing situational awareness and supporting strategic decisions.

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Our team is skilled in operating in some of the most remote ocean regions on the planet. We are actively looking for partners to discuss future deployment regions and welcome all inquiries.

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